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May 2019

Together with Double Deer Academy in 2018, we gathered a select group of promising rappers and musicians to develop and produce their work.

Currently our efforts as the Tunes From Tomorrow team are expanding to more genres and creative practices.
In a nutshell, our program connects promising talents with remarkable industry professionals for collaboration and direct industry training.

TFT - 2018



Get in touch with our correspondent network. They’re around Indonesia, and they will help you get things going.



Submit your work here. We accept links and files.



Wait, wait, and wait. (Maybe send us an email, and convince us why you should win)



If you’re selected, plan around your schedule for a trip to Jakarta on 8th - 13th of July.



For five days, we’ll work together on the work you submitted and make it perfect.



We’ll get your work out there, and a big celebration with it.



Kenny Gabriel

Awarded as National best keyboardist in 2014, Kenny Gabriel has been part of Java Jazz, Indonesia's biggest jazz festival in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. Kenny’s work in electronic music was propelled through popular TV Show, The Remix on NET TV. Described his peers, his music stands as progressive, electronic, deep-, future-, & house inspired.

Jonathan Pardede

As one of the founding members of Sunmantra, a highly regarded electronic live act working under the label of Dekadenz. Jonathan Pardede has a wide range of audio engineer and production experience from the range of Dekadenz to Pon Your Tone. Jonathan has graced the stages of Soundrenaline 2018, Synchronized Fest, and Potato Head Beach Club.

Guest Lecturers

Aryo Adhianto

Founder of Space Rec, one of Jakarta’s early underground electronic labels. Aryo Adhianto is long-regarded as one of the well-known scholars in terms of electronic & dance music in Indonesia. Being involved in projects such as Space System and A Fine Tuning Creation. A skilled educator and producer, Aryo has co-produced countless releases with names such as Komodo, Jonathan Kusuma, dan Kimokal.

Baskara Putra

Dubbed as one of the best songwriter in the industry right now, mostly known as the vocalist and producer of .Feast. Baskara acts as Hindia in a passion project and an outlet for his rock persona. He started producing his own tracks as early as 2015, when .Feast slowly gained serious media attention and went on to release their debut album MULTIVERSES in 2017.


How do I submit my work?

We accept links to your existing works, but we also accept files too. Please make sure your work is original and not something you’ve sent to another contest.

Can I submit anything?

We accept original work, remixes are okay but they have to be really different from the original work. (Also, they have to be good)

What’s gonna happen to my submission?

If you win, we’re going to perfect your work alongside our collaborators and mentors in Jakarta.

What if i can’t find the time for the trip?

Sadly, then you can’t join the program and your submission will be allocated to another candidate.

What about expenses?

We’ll cover for accomodations, transportation, and amenities while you’re here.

After we’re done, what’s gonna happen?

After the whole process, your work is going to be released after a lengthy mixing and mastering process. Also, it will be showcased during a special performance in our annual celebration with Syah Establishments.